Rub It, Baby, Rub It!!!!

Right outside my hotel in Florence is the Mercato Nuovo, the new market, which was new about 500 or more years ago. It is now the site of about 30 stalls each day which sell Florentine stuff like leather goods, silks, junk and more leather. Right outside the market loggia is a bronze statue of a cinghiale, or boar made in 1612. But the name is Little Piggy, Il Porcellino. Tradition says if you rub the snout of the piggy and let a coin drop into the fountain below by letting the coin fall from the piglet’s mouth, you will get your wish to return to Florence some day. So I’ve always rubbed the snout. And it’s worked so far. This is my 13th or 14th trip to Florence…I’ve lost count. I’m so worldly! And the Porcellino has a very shiny nose to prove it’s appeal to tourists from everywhere.

Oh, my hotel is called the Il Porcellino Guest House or something along those lines.

Anyway, I spent some time watching the action at the Porcellino, and it was constant, until early, early morning. One night I was awakened by some shrill female voices, drunk for sure, and they were out stroking that thang. It was after 4am.

Here is some of the action around midnight last Saturday. Oh, the great sax soundtrack was free that night, and adds great atmosphere:


(on my computer after you press play, you have to press the little sideways triangle in the progress bar as well)

1 comment on “Rub It, Baby, Rub It!!!!

  1. This video works but the last one doesn't.


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