Rio de Janeiro: Cuidado!!! I am coming back soon!

Just bought my ticket to head back to Rio. Will again get chances to hear live shows by Epoca de Ouro and Paulinho da Viola. And will work hard to get the recording we produced in 2001 of Epoca de Ouro, the last to feature Dino Sete Cordas and César Faria, released independently in Brasil and/or the USA.

Looking forward to great food, great music and great amizade (friendships).

Funny thing: I was just talking about this yesterday. The worst coffee I’ve had in a very long time was on my trip to Rio last year!  Brazil!!!  What has happened to your coffee?????

Ok. More on this soon…

In the meantime, here is the Japanese cover of the CD in question. It has apparently sold pretty well, but we have gotten no figures…the music biz in Japan is a shady as in any other country.

Conjunto Epoca de Ouro, recorded Aug 2001, released, finally, April 2010!

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