A Vignette of Ipanema— Just Filler Till the Next Entry!

I can’t believe I have not had the energy or motivation to keep this more up to date. Let’s just say that I seem to never stop, and when I do, I’m worn out from running all over this city; not an easy task as anyone who has been here can tell you. Lots of music, too much food, and many laughs since the last entry. And I’m editing videos for up load, so the next entry or two will be quite meaty. Good thing…Brazilians like meat probably more than Americans!

What that has to do with anything, I don’t know.

Sunday, I went by subway to the weekly Feira Hippie, or Hippie Market, where there is lots of crap for sale to tourists, but, please, include Brazilian tourists in that category.

Ipanema Subway Station
Ipanema Subway Station

There are two or three artists worth considering who display among about 40 painters. The painters are surrounded by a perimeter of booths selling lots of cheaply made junk, some really awful t-shirts, and a few, but very few, worthwhile trinkets.

Artists Display at Ipanema Hippie Market

Last year I reencountered an artist whose work I had discovered in 1999 and fell in love with, Vitorino, and worked out a deal to use a painting I bought of his for my 2010 Carnaval poster. His wife was there, as usual, but the selection of work was down to only a small handful, five or six, mostly small works. I couldn’t resist picking up a couple of them, his work, for some reason, appeals to me very much.

New Work by Vitorino

His wife, Julia, insisted I call her this week to meet up with her so she can escort me to their house just up the hill from Ipanema…in the favela, or slum, of Cantagalo. Not sure I’ll take up her offer, but it could be interesting. She took me up in the brand new elevator which now connects Cantagalo with Ipanema to make coming and going easier for the favela’s inhabitants. The halfway point features a great vista of the beach and the neighborhood which I enjoyed very much. Take a look:

Atlantic Ocean at Ipanema from 200 feet up

After exhausting everything the market had to offer, I headed to the beach of Ipanema just to take in the view of the sea for a few minutes. The sky was grey, the wind strong, the surf pounding. But it was stupendous just the same. If you know me at all, you know I prefer the beach on days like this. I used to say something like, “The beach is fine…except for the sand, the sun and the salt water.” But the power of the ocean waves is, nonetheless, intoxicating.

Here’s a little taste of said intoxicant:

See you soon with more music and food junk….

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