A Peek at Lecce and The Salento

These are some random shots of Lecce, the Salento and other parts of Puglia. I will eventually get all these labeled and organized. But in the meantime, browse and enjoy. If you see something you are curious about, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a note and I can give you more details. Feel free to share this page, and this blog, with friends…
Click on the image for a larger view…


7 comments on “A Peek at Lecce and The Salento

  1. David Cotton

    Excellent photos. Thanks

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  2. Great pictures. Beautiful!

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  3. Patsy Haley

    Be happy.

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  4. Myra Finch

    Loved your pictures; thank you

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  5. love…love… love Lecce. We didn’t leave enough time on our trip in December to really dive into the town like we usually do when we come to explore bella Italia. That just means we left a whole lot more to enjoy on our next trip. Thanks for sharing your joy and passion of travel and getting to know the locals with us Michael! Ciao!

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