Not done yet…

I’ve got lots more to say regarding Brazil, but I’m still recovering from the journey home which took over 30 hours, door to door, and found me with about 42 hours without sleeping. Long delay in San Francisco, just an hour or so by plane from home.

Still need to upload more photos to Flickr (there is a link in the right hand column for the full photo essay) and annotate them. Not many, thank god. I realize there are people, places and things I didn’t get photos of, mainly due to my intestinal issues which began last Thursday and dragged on until Sunday sometime. That killed a couple of nights out to hear music. But, I can’t complain too much…read the previous entries.

Anyway, in the meantime, here are a couple of paintings I bought last Sunday at the Ipanema Hippy Market.

The first is by Pedro da Conceição, the eccentric UFO loving painter who exhibits every Sunday.
Most of his work is highlighted by the presence of flying saucers hovering over Rio: soccer games, sunbathers on the beach, samba dancers getting ready for carnaval, all just about to be sucked up by Pedro’s ubiquitous florescent-green-light-spewing space ships. But the one I got this time tells the story of a sad fellow whose favorite futbol team, Botafogo, was unlucky on the field…yes, he’s crying in his pinga….

The other is by Vitorino, another whose work I’ve purchased in the past and with whom I’ve discussed him doing a poster for Carnaval in Austin. Well, he had the painting below for sale last Sunday and it was love at first sight. So I bought it, and next week will have it properly scanned, and the manipulated file sent to my friendly printer in Austin to produce the 2010 Carnaval Austin poster. Very cool. It will upset lots of people who want busty babes, devils and so on. But this is amazing art, will allow for the first horizontal poster we’ve ever done, and will dazzle all those who can allow for something a bit different.

Hope you like it!

More soon!

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